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Quick overview One pen, multiple color tones! For simple, seamless, color gradations! Create depth, dimension, highlights, shading, and shadows…all with one pen! Built to last, Chameleon Pens have nearly twice as much ink as a regular marker pen.
Product description
  • Can also be used like a traditional marker.
  • Professional quality, with alcohol-based ink.
  • Refillable, and have replaceable Japanese Nibs.
  • Permanent on most surfaces (including: fabrics, glass, plastic, and wood).
  • Compatible with all other alcohol-based pens and inks.
  • Perfect for curious kids, aspiring amateurs, keen colorists, creative crafters, ambitious students, accomplished artists, and design professionals.

Chameleon 30 Pen Complete Me Set Contains:

30 Chameleon Pens:

Nature Tones Set: BR1 Taupe, BR3 Cinnamon, GR1 Green Apple, GR2 Dark Sage, GR4 Evergreen

Blue Tones Set:BL2Baby Blue, BL4 Cornflower Blue, BL7 Indigo, BG1 Lagoon, BG3 Turquoise

Floral Tones Set: PK2 Dusty Rose, PK4 Peony Pink, PK5 Fuchsia, BV2 Lavender, VO2 Mauve

Warm Tones Set:RD2 Red Coral, RD3 Vermilion, RD5 Burgundy, YO2 Mellow Yellow, OR3 Tangerine

Skin Tones Set: NU00 Neutral, NU0 Sand, NU2 Light Peach, NU4 Caramel, BR4 Burnt Umber

Gray Tones Set: NG4 Neutral Gray 4, CG5 Cool Gray 5, CG9 Cool Gray 9WG3 Warm Gray 3, WG7 Warm Gray 7

Pack of assorted replacement nibs, 1 set of Chameleon tweezers, multi purpose workstation, carry case with strap, instructions, and idea guide.

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Manufacturer: CHAMELEON
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